2017 Gerald A. Carlson Award Recipients

Congratulations to Dr. Marwa Salem and Dr. Juan He for receiving the 2017 Gerald A. Carlson Award! This is the eighth year of honoring a graduate student for an outstanding PhD dissertation and this year we had the pleasure of honoring two outstanding students. Dr. Marwa Salem’s dissertation focused on “Estimating Residential Water Demand within Structural and Reduced-Form Frameworks: Implications for Households’ Response to Price and Non-Price Policies” and Dr. Juan He’s dissertation featured“Three Essays on Crop Insurance.” Both were submitted to and reviewed by the Graduate Faculty of NC State University. Dr. Roger von Haefen served as the committee chair for Dr. Salem and Dr. Xiaoyong Zheng and Roderick Rejesus served as the committee co-chairs for Dr. He. An award ceremony was held for the recipients on Tuesday, March 28th where both students and faculty were able to speak upon their experiences with completing these dissertations.

Thank you to Dr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Carlson for your support in recognizing outstanding graduate students with the Economics Graduate Program!