Building Entrepreneurial Skills in ARE Students

Agricultural and Resource Economics students from ARE 495: Principles of Agribusiness Entrepreneurship presented their research during a poster session on November 29, 2017. The student groups were assigned topics ranging from exporting NC sweet potatoes to the Middle East to assessing the viability mariculture, specifically oyster farming, in Eastern North Carolina.


Students, Jimbo Eggleston and Charles Eason, explain their research into the business prospects of oyster farming and cooperatives in North Carolina.


The students presented their research to the N.C. State Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program Advisory Committee. This committee consists of local business and industry figures such as E. Carroll Joyner, a well-known local businessman and philanthropist. The students answered tough questions and defended their proposals, showing that a large part of entrepreneurship is embracing new ideas, even when its risky.


The Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics is committed to developing strong entrepreneurial skills in its students so that they are equipped for success in the industry. Principles of Agribusiness Management is the first of three new undergraduate courses being offered by the Department to empower students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and students across NC State with interests related to agriculture and agribusiness. The second course, being offered in Spring 2018, is Agribusiness New Venture Development.


The new course sequence is being developed in collaboration with outstanding entrepreneurship faculty in the Poole College of Management, including Lewis Sheats, Assistant Vice Provost for Entrepreneurship at NC State. The Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics is adopting a clinical and practicum based approach to this topic. Students learn by working in teams with companies and entrepreneurs to address real challenges in creating new ventures. The course sequence is designed to develop students who will become skilled developers of new ventures; in businesses of all sizes and in non-profits and other organizations. If you are interested in interacting with these entrepreneurship courses, please contact Dr. John Russ, Undergraduate Coordinator for the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at NC State.