The Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics serves agricultural, resource and related industries through its extension, research and teaching programs. Applying principles of economics, business, and related disciplines, these programs develop an understanding of contemporary economic and business problems and equip students with knowledge of business organization fundamentals and decision-making skills useful in the operation and management of business firms.

The department offers undergraduate programs leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Business Management (ABM). A concentration in biological sciences and business management (BBM) is offered within the agricultural business management program.

The Agricultural Business Management Program prepares graduates for management, marketing, sales, finance and related careers. The program has sufficient flexibility to provide more extensive course work in basic and applied science and math for those students desiring to prepare for advanced graduate study as well. The concentration in biological sciences/business management prepares graduates for management, marketing, and sales careers in fields such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, health care, environmental protection, food processing and finance dealing with biological issues. This concentration is designed to be an attractive option for students with a strong background and interest in science who seek alternatives to technical science careers.

Specific curriculum requirements are available on the Registration and Records website.

A minor is also available in Agricultural Business Management for current undergraduate degree seeking students.

Certificate Programs – Non-Degree Seeking Students Only