Natural Gas Leasing

Natural Gas Leasing and Production in North Carolina

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Contact Information and Links North Carolina Cooperative Extension

Ted Feitshans, Extension Specialist
North Carolina State University
Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Campus Box 8109
Raleigh, N.C. 27695-8109

North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State
Corporations Division: (919) 807-2225 or (888) 246-7636
Securities Division: (919) 733-3924 or (800) 688-4507

North Carolina Geological Survey
(919) 733-2423

North Carolina Real Estate Commission
(919) 875-3700

NC Department of Justice
(919) 716-6400 or (877) 566-7226

North Carolina Bar Association
(919) 677-8574 or (800) 662-7660

Better Business Bureau of Eastern North Carolina
(919) 277-4222