Zering, Kelly, PhD

Zering, Kelly, PhD
Agricultural and Resource Economics

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Degree From: University of California at Davis (1984)
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Ph.D., Agricultural Economics, University of California, Davis, 1984.M.Sc., Agricultural Economics, University of Manitoba, 1980.B.S., Ag., Agricultural Economics, University of Manitoba, 1977.
Associate Professor, Agricultural and Resource Economics,North Carolina State University, 1990 to present.
Visiting Scholar, Fuqua School of Business,Duke University, 1992-1993.
Assistant Professor, N. C. State Univ., 1984-1990.
Current Research
Economics of Pork Production and Processing
Vertical Coordination in the U.S. Swine-Pork Industry
Economics of Waste Management in Swine Production
Current Areas of Extension Responsibility
Swine Management and Marketing
Refereed Journal Articles Since 1992:
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Bush, E., P. Cowen, M. Morrow, D. Dickey, and K. Zering. “Empirical Similarity of Responses of Two Random Samples of North Carolina Swine Producers to a Management Questionnaire Used in the U.S. National Swine Survey,”Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 22(1/2):1-13. February 1, 1995.
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Abstracts in Refereed Journals Since 1992:
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Other Relevant Publications:
Martinez, Steve, Kevin Smith, and Kelly Zering. “Vertical Coordination and Consumer Welfare: The Case of the Pork Industry,” Agricultural Economic Report Number 753, Economic Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC. August, 1997.
Zering, K., “Livestock Waste Management in North Carolina: Challenges and Opportunities,” in proceedings Getting the Most from Your Manure Resource: Managing Your On-Farm Animal Waste System, at the Delta Marsh Research Station, Manitoba, Canada. September, 1996. Pages 89-97.
Marra, Michele, and Kelly Zering, “Finding the “Best of the Best” in BMP’s: The Economist’s Viewpoint,” in proceedings, Solutions: A Technical Conference on Water Quality, North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, North Carolina State University, Raleigh. March, 1996. Pages 175-179.
Zering, K., “What Does This Cost the Operation? Using Economics to Make Decisions on Nutrient Load,” presented at the National Pork Producers Council Pork Profitability Summit in Myrtle Beach, SC, December 11, 1996. 10 pages.
Roka, F. M., D. L. Hoag, and K. D. Zering. “Making Sense of Why Swine Effluent is Sprayed in North Carolina and Hauled in Iowa,” in Animal Waste and Land-Water Interface, Kenneth Steele, editor. CRC Lewis Publishers, Boca Raton. 1995. Pages 545-552.
Roka, F., D. Hoag, and K. Zering, “Are Manure Nutrients an Economic Resource or Waste?” selected paper presented at a conference on Agricultural Research to Protect Water Quality sponsored by the Soil and Water Conservation Society, Minneapolis, February, 1993.
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