Thurman, Walter, PhD

Thurman, Walter, PhD
Wm. Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor
Agricultural and Resource Economics, Department of Economics
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Phone: (919) 515-4545
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Office Address: 3314 Nelson

Degree From: University of Chicago (1984)
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Walter Thurman conducts research in agricultural markets the economics and political economy of agricultural and natural resource policy. His published work includes empirical studies of quota schemes in the United States for peanuts and tobacco, analysis of the effects of the Clean Water and Clear Air Acts, compensation schemes in the poultry industry, and the economics of bees. He currently is studying the land trust movement and the rise of markets for crop pollination services.

Courses Taught

  • ARE 311 – Agricultural Markets
  • ECG 701 – Microeconomics I
  • ECG 741 – Agricultural Production & Supply


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