Zheng, Xiaoyong, PhD

Zheng, Xiaoyong, PhD
Graduate Program Director and Professor
Agricultural and Resource Economics
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Email: xzheng@ncsu.edu
Phone: (919) 515-4543
Fax: (919) 515-6268
Office Address: 3322 Nelson

Degree From: Indiana University (2005)
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Dr. Xiaoyong Zheng studies markets with asymmetric information. His published and working projects include empirical studies of auctions (public works; timber; conservation reservation), contracts (marketing and production contracts in agriculture) and insurance (health; crop). He is also an applied econometrician, applying microeconometrics methods to study policy-relevant issues in food demand, health and international trade.

Fall 2017 Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 1-3pm or by appointment.

Selected Working Papers

Bayesian Estimation of Dynamic Panel Data Gravity Model,” with M. Cho.

Measuring the Value of Information in NuVal Shelf Nutrition Label,” with F. Liang and C. Zhen.

The Impact of NuVal Shelf Nutrition Labels on Food Purchase,” with C. Zhen.

Moral Hazard and Adverse Selection Effects of Cost-of-Production Crop Insurance: Evidence from the Philippines,” with J. He, R. M. Rejesus and J. M. Yorobe.

Selected Publications

He, J., R. M. Rejesus, X. Zheng and J. M. Yorobe (forthcoming): “Advantageous Selection in Crop Insurance: Evidence from the Philippines,” Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Kim, J.-J. and X. Zheng (2015): “Effects of Alternative Marketing Arrangements on the Spot Market Price Distribution in the U.S. Hog Market,” Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 40(2):242–265.

Hammond, R. G. and X. Zheng (2013): “Heterogeneity in Tournaments with Incomplete Information: An Experimental Analysis,” International Journal of Industrial Organization, 248–260.

Li, T. and X. Zheng (2012): “Information Acquisition and/or Bid Preparation: A Structural Analysis of Entry and Bidding in Timber Sale Auctions,” Journal of Econometrics, 168, 29–46.

Vukina, T. and X. Zheng (2011): “Homogenous and Heterogenous Contestants in Piece Rate Tournaments: Theory and Empirical Analysis,” Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, 29:4, 506-517.

Zheng, X. (2009): “Quantifying the Cost of Excess Market Thickness in Timber Sale Auctions,” International Journal of Industrial Organization, 27, 553–566.

Li, T. and X. Zheng (2009): “Entry and Competition Effects in First-Price Auctions: Theory and Evidence from Procurement Auctions,” Review of Economic Studies, 76(4): 1397-1429.

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Li, T. and X. Zheng (2008): “Semiparametric Bayesian Inference for Dynamic Tobit Panel Data Models with Unobserved Heterogeneity,” Journal of Applied Econometrics, 23(6): 699-728.

Vukina, T., X. Zheng, M. Marra and A. Levy (2008): “Do Farmers Value the Environment? Evidence from a Conservation Reserve Program Auction,” International Journal of Industrial Organization, 26, 1323– 1332.

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Vukina, T. and X. Zheng (2007): “Structural Estimation of Rank-Order Tournaments with Private Information,” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 89(3): 651–664.