Brown, Zachary, PhD

Brown, Zachary, PhD
Assistant Professor
Agricultural and Resource Economics

Phone: (919) 515-5969
Office Address: 4310 Nelson Hall

Degree From: Ph. D., Duke University, 2011; B. A., Lawrence University, 2005
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Zack Brown is an assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics. His PhD training (from Duke University’s School of the Environment) is in environmental and resource economics. Broadly, his research and teaching is in the field of ‘bioeconomics,’ analyzing the dynamic interactions between human behavior and complex environmental and ecological systems, using experimental methods, observational data, mathematical models and theory. His current pursuits include researching the effects of alternative economic incentives and policies for managing pesticide resistance in agricultural systems, public perceptions and consumers’ willingness to pay for food products using new genetic engineering technologies, as well as economic evaluations of more efficient household cookstoves in northern Ghana for reducing air pollution and deforestation.